Code 8207 Afghan Tribal Saddle Bag Rug 114x54cm Hand knotted


Afghan tribal saddlebags are traditional bags used by various Afghan tribes to carry belongings, often draped over the sides of pack animals such as horses, mules, or camels.

These bags have both functional and cultural significance, serving as practical storage solutions while also showcasing the artistic and cultural heritage of the Afghan people.

Quality:  300 kpsi

Size:  114 x 54 cm

Material: Wool  on wool base

Origin:  Afghanistan


Afghan tribal saddlebags are typically made from durable materials such as wool, goat hair, or camel hair, which are well-suited to the harsh environments and nomadic lifestyles of the Afghan tribes. The bags are often handwoven, and the designs can vary widely based on the tribe, region, and individual weaver. Geometric patterns, intricate motifs, and vibrant colors are commonly used to create visually striking designs.

The designs on Afghan tribal saddlebags often carry cultural significance and reflect the identity of the tribe that creates them. These designs can communicate stories, traditions, and aspects of tribal life. Some tribes even use specific motifs to indicate familial or tribal affiliations.

Saddlebags are designed to be practical for nomadic life. They can be easily attached to the sides of pack animals and used to carry a variety of items, such as personal belongings, food, and tools. The bags are usually woven with sturdy straps to secure them to the saddle

Afghan tribal saddlebags are not only functional but also highly collectible due to their cultural and artistic value. Antique examples, in particular, can be sought after by collectors and enthusiasts of tribal art.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 114 × 54 cm


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