Code 8028 Modern Abstract 296x194cm Hand loom woven


Creative abstract patterns and designs in modern-chic fashion colours, hand loom woven in a multi-textural weave using a creative combination of Bamboo silk and viscose yarns.

Quality:  Fine quality in Hand loom weave

Size:  296 x 194 cm

Material: Bamboo silk & viscose on cotton base

Origin: India


Handmade carpets woven on looms in India offer a blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics, especially when incorporating modern abstract designs. Using materials like fine viscose or wool adds to the luxurious feel of the rugs while ensuring durability for everyday use in modern homes.

The combination of intricate weaving techniques and high-quality materials results in rugs with great texture, adding depth and visual interest to any space. Additionally, the durability of these rugs makes them suitable for high-traffic areas in the home, ensuring they can withstand the demands of modern living while still retaining their beauty.

These types of rugs often appeal to individuals who appreciate both the artistry of traditional handcrafting methods and the sophistication of modern design. They can serve as focal points in rooms, adding warmth, style, and personality to the overall decor.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 296 × 194 cm


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