Code 7369 Persian Pictorial Kashmar 335x245cm Hand knotted


Premium hand made, double knotted carpet from the city of Kashmar in Iran.

Fine quality lamb’s wool is used on cotton base

This beautiful Persian carpet is very artistic in nature and being unique, as it’s carefully woven in the famous city of Kashmar.

Fine lamb’s wool is used, hand knotted on cotton base, using mixture of chrome & natural dyes.

Kashmar rugs often feature intricate floral motifs, medallions, and decorative borders. They boast a wide color palette, including rich reds, blues, greens, and earthy tones.

The level of detail in the patterns and the precision of the knotting highlight the skill and artistry of the weavers.

Closely knotted and in excellent condition, this is a Kashan specimen of exuberant color and radiant design.

Quality:  380 kpsi

Size:  335 x 245 cm

Material: Wool on cotton base

Origin:  Kashan – Iran


A Persian pictorial Kashmar rug refers to a specific type of Kashmar rug that features pictorial or figurative elements in its design. These rugs are distinguished by the inclusion of detailed illustrations or scenes, often depicting landscapes, historical events, mythical tales, or even daily life activities.

Pictorial Kashmar rugs showcase the exceptional artistry and storytelling abilities of Persian weavers. These rugs require great skill and precision to create the intricate images and capture the essence of the depicted subjects. The designs are carefully hand-knotted using high-quality wool or a combination of wool and silk, ensuring a durable and visually stunning piece.

The pictorial elements in Kashmar rugs can vary widely. They may include depictions of hunting scenes, architectural landmarks, cultural celebrations, or symbolic representations. The level of detail and realism in these designs is remarkable, with the weavers often incorporating a wide range of colors and shading techniques to bring the images to life.

These rugs are prized for their uniqueness and the opportunity they provide to showcase personal preferences or interests within the design. A pictorial Kashmar rug can serve as a statement piece in a room, becoming a conversation starter and adding a touch of artistry to the overall decor.

If you are in search of a rug that goes beyond traditional patterns and showcases intricate pictorial elements, a Persian pictorial Kashmar rug might be an excellent choice. Its storytelling qualities, exquisite craftsmanship, and rich cultural heritage make it a fascinating addition to any space.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 335 × 245 cm


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