Code 7324 Mamluk

RM8,800.00 RM4,150.00

Premium Hand made carpet. Turkish Mamluq design, vintage look, fine quality, double knotted

Quality:  400 kpsi

Size:  248 x 168 cm

Material: Wool

Origin: India



Mamluk carpets have a distinct feature in their designs, often dominated by geometric motifs and coloured mostly in red, with accents of blues, yellows and greens. Mamluk carpet designs are datable to the late fifteenth century with a single central component radiating towards the core of the rug. The rug is woven in fine quality, hand knotted in pure wool, tightly woven to perfection with small knots, therefore consuming months to show a marvellous piece that will beautify any interior.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 248 × 168 cm


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