Code 5856 Vintage Azerbaijan Kilim 355x258cm Flat weave Kilim


Tribal motifs and designs were an important component of the Tribal Azerbaijani Kilim. The rugs have a very simple yet detailed design. These stunning Kilim flat weaves feature various large and small ethnic Caucasian patterns and motifs. The perfect arrangement of each of these designs helps in creating a perfect Azeri rug.

Quality: Split type Senneh weave

Size:  355 x 258 cm

Material: 100% Wool

Origin:  Azerbaijan


Vintage Azerbaijan kilim rug hand-woven in the mid 20th century. This fine kilim is in very good condition.
Woven in a remote village of Xinaliq, bordering Russia, still keeping its tradition of weaving flat weave kilims in bright colours.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 355 × 258 cm


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