Code 3239 Kurdish Vintage 191x136cm Hand knotted


Premium hand made, tribal nomadic carpet from north-western Iran, bordering Turkey.  The rug is in condition with even good pile.
A good furnishing rug suitable for normal domestic use.
Hand washed and ready for use.

Quality:  200 kpsi

Size:  191 x 136 cm

Material: Wool on wool base

Origin:  Iran


A charming old rug with a very gentle feel, the colours have a very harmonious earthy feel…. a real country house rug.

This central medallion is most unusual with a white star at the center

The same star surrounds the rug in its border with rows of peacocks. The peacock image appears in innumerable folk tales from a variety of eastern cultures.

According to the Kurdish legend, a radiant angel-peacock  was cast from heaven and fell to earth.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 191 × 136 cm


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