Code 0783 Pak Bakhtiar 314x244cm Hand knotted


This carpet is handmade, double knotted in fine quality, using the best Merino wool on cotton base.
The design has a central medallion, surrounded by compartmentalised floral motifs of plants and shrubs, protected by 4 sided guards. The equally majestic border, design taken from old style Tabriz rugs, combines to make this piece a breath taking, with fresh colours.

Quality:  450 kpsi

Size:  314 x 244 cm

Material: Wool on cotton base

Origin:  Lahore – Pakistan


A Pakistan Bakhtiari Garden design rug is a type of handwoven rug that takes inspiration from the traditional Bakhtiari rugs of Iran. Bakhtiari rugs are named after the Bakhtiari tribe, who are known for their rug weaving skills and reside in the Zagros Mountains of Iran. However, Pakistan Bakhtiari rugs are produced in Pakistan using similar designs and techniques.

The Garden design is a popular motif found in Bakhtiari rugs, representing a lush garden or landscape filled with floral patterns, trees, animals, and intricate borders. These rugs often feature a central medallion surrounded by a garden-like arrangement of motifs, creating a visually captivating and vibrant design.

Pakistan Bakhtiari Garden design rugs are typically hand-knotted using high-quality wool, which ensures their durability and longevity. Some variations may also incorporate silk into the design to enhance the intricacy and add a touch of luxury.

The color palette of Pakistan Bakhtiari Garden design rugs is diverse and rich, incorporating a wide range of hues such as deep blues, reds, greens, golds, and earthy tones. Natural dyes are often used to achieve these colors, contributing to the rug’s authentic and timeless appeal.

These rugs are versatile and can complement various interior styles, from traditional to eclectic. They are often used as floor coverings in living rooms, dining rooms, or bedrooms, adding warmth and a touch of cultural heritage to the space.

When purchasing a Pakistan Bakhtiari Garden design rug, it is important to buy from reputable dealers who can provide information about the rug’s origin, materials, and craftsmanship. Assessing the rug’s weave quality, knot density, and overall condition is crucial to ensure its authenticity and quality.

Additional information

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 314 × 244 cm


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