Machine Made Rugs

Machine-Made Rugs

The carpet was produced for personal use, to provide warmth and protection in the tents in which people lived. The technique of knotting and weaving carpets has developed over the years and the motifs became more and more detailed. It was nevertheless still a unique handicraft for private use.

Today's machine made rugs are of a high quality and a lot of the time it requires a trained eye to see the difference between a hand-knotted carpet and one produced mechanically. If you were to point out the biggest difference, it would be that machine-knotted rugs lack the soul behind the artwork that hand-knotted carpets have.
Producing a machine made rug takes approx. few hours depending on size, compared to a hand-knotted carpet which can take months and even years, which is also the main reason that machine-knotted rugs are significantly cheaper.