Hand knotted rugs

Hand-Knotted Rugs

The knotted carpet came into being during an early period and was created by nomadic population seeking a way to protect them from direct contact with the ground without sacrificing the skins of their precious animals. The original intentions were thus exclusively practical and not artistic; only after the passage of time did aesthetic interest came into being, and the desire to use these special fabrics to decorate interiors led to an increase in the variety of colors and designs used, which then evolved into established decorative motifs.
A handmade carpet is usually named after the place where it was made or from the ethnic group who make it. Most traditional motifs and colorings have a local connection and it often shows exactly where the carpet is made. The most common and mentioned styles are Persian, Afghani, Pakistani, Baluchi, Turkmenistan, Caucasian, Indo, Tibetan, Turkish, Chinese, East Turkestan, European and North African.