Machine vs Hand

Fine Line between Hand Made and Machine Made Carpet

Shopping for carpet made safer is a guide towards the basic knowledge of acquiring quality oriental carpets without getting ripped off by some irresponsible carpet dealers.  The emergence of new carpet dealers into this country from around Central Asia namely Pakistan, Turkey, Iran and the like has made it appear that the industry has somewhat become competitive.  Yet it does not somehow lower the prices but led the consumers into buying something which are not what they are seeking for.   Many a time it is seen at shopping complexes in Kuala Lumpur where a periodical promotion booths are also being hosted by migrating carpet dealers without actual establishment locally.  Personally, I had witnessed how a consumer was led into buying a machine made carpet for what was intended to be a hand made Tabriz by the scammer.  To be on the safe side, the least one can do is to be attentive on the following tips when looking for genuine oriental carpet.

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Perihal Permaidani

Permaidani dari Timur atau apa yang sering disebut “oriental carpet” sangat sukar dihindari.  Sebaik saja tertarik dengan corak dan warnanya, kita akan terpegun dengan suatu lakaran dan corakan nya yang begitu eksotik yang tersusun secara unik yang membawa kita kepada satu hal  luar dari pengetahuan dan bermisteri.

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Selamat datang ke Carpet-Inn


Carpet-Inn adalah sebuah dagangan yang dimiliki sepenuhnya oleh Petal World Sdn Bhd.  Ia ditubuh dalam tahun 1994 di Kuala Lumpur oleh pengasasnya, Gauhar Aslam, seorang yang mempunyai pengalaman luas dalam industri perniagaan permaidani sejak usia mudanya lagi.  Berasal dari keluarga saudagar permaidani, Gauhar dipupuk dengan selok-belok dagangan serta pemerolehan permaidani dari seluruh Asia Tengah, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India dan China.Continue reading
Pazyryk rug

Hidden Treasure in Persian Carpets

The knotted carpet came  into being during an early period and was created by nomadic populations seeking a way to protect themselves from direct contact with the ground and also of not damaging the skin of their precious animals. These nomadic people introduced the carpet to the population in villages and cities, who appropriated and created it in accordance to a precise aesthetic need. There was a desire to decorate the interiors of permanent dwellings. In 1947, excavations in the Pazyryk valley of the Altai mountains in Siberia uncovered a beautiful wool carpet, knotted and thickly decorated, that had been encased in a block of ice and which had thus been perfectly preserved.Continue reading

Carpet Care

Cleaning should always be left to an Oriental rug specialist, but there are many first aid treatments that can be used to prolong the useful life of a rug. Prompt attention to spillages is most important and wherever possible, treat them immediately.

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Story of Rugs

Oriental Rugs are hard to resist. Immediately drawn to the beauty of their designs and colors, we find ourselves fascinated by an exotic decoration with unusual composition and a unique technique leading to a sense of unknown and mystery.

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